Thassos White

Thasos White

The white marble of Thassos sparkles due to its small-sized crystals and is popular around the world for its pure white color and brightness.

Volakas White


Volakas White marble is an elegant natural stone featuring a white background accented with grey veins.

Volakas Arabescato


Volakas Arabescato is an excellent quality marble featuring a white background accented with grey cloud patterns.

Pighes White


Pighes White is a very famous marble worldwide because of its nice white color with grey clouds or small veins.

Pentelikon White


Pentelikon White marble is characterized by white background with a golden-green tinge. It has been used for most of the major monuments of Classical Athens and was the first white marble to be used at Rome.

Sivec White


Sivec White is a fine-grained white marble with a candid color and a delicate appearance which oozes brightness and vibrancy.

Naxos White


Naxos White is a semi-white marble of excellent quality which presents a beautiful structure of diamond-like crystals.

Ariston White

ARISTON-TYPE1-300x300 - Copy

Ariston White is a marble of high quality featuring a white background accented with darker or lighter, middle or fine veins. The natural, unique patterns of Ariston White marble add elegance & luxury to the areas that is applied.