Greece is a country that is literally built upon a foundation of pure marble. Whether it’s the mainland the mountains or many of the islands, much of what we know as today’s map of Greece is almost entirely made up of marble.

The ancients learned early how to sculpture this exquisite stone into everything from beautifully detailed statues to breath-taking architectural masterpieces which still stand today.

The Parthenon, which was built in 441-437 BC of solid Pentelicon marble, is a fitting symbol of the ancient Greek civilization. Not soon afterwards, the rest of the civilized world wanted nothing less than Greek marble to design, build and create lasting statements with. Many nations arranged for it to be brought within their boundaries and began creating their own national monuments with it, as well.

The Greeks were masters of the world’s finest architecture, stone-cutting and sculpturing. And this masterful craftsmanship was in great part due to the wonderful and bountiful material they revealed in working with. MARBLE FROM GREECE!