Greek Marble has been gaining in acceptance and overall popularity on a yearly basis. Market shares have doubled during the last decade and they are continuing to do so. Today, Greece is capable of producing roughly 3.5 million tons of marble annually.

A major concern relative to the exportation of Greek marble was that slabs had to be transported to other countries for final production. This problem has virtually been eliminated, as in 1989, just 25% of all exported marble was in rough slab and block form, wherein in 1990 this was reduced to less than 20%. What this means is that Greece is now aggressively competing not just to sell raw material, but also to offer finished marble products to the World Market.

Today, there are nearly 3,500 marble producers and manufacturers in Greece employing over 50,000 people. Marble now accounts for 0.8% of the Nation’s GNP and 0.14% of its exports.