One of the most profitable and exporting sectors of the Greek economy is the marble sector, as it has become the focus of the stock and investment interest. Thus, unlike the contraction in the internal market for building materials, which has fallen since 2008 to date, the marble sector has continued its upward course over the years, with a key element in export orientation.

It is indicative that about 80% of the total domestic marble production is directed to foreign countries with the demand growing daily.

About 40% of the total exports of Greek marble is directed to China, while the remaining marble is sold to the Middle East, the US and, to a lesser extent, to the European market.

The reason why Greek marbles are sought after is due to their superior quality thanks to both the colours and physical characteristics. Thus, this is also the significant comparative advantage of the industry in terms of export orientation.

Companies operating in the sector have managed to significantly improve their financial performance, which is attributed to the openings they have made in recent years and which have already begun to bear fruit.

Furthermore, it is indicative that the quality of marble has significantly raised net margins even in half the turnover.